About Us | weurbansport

A voice that speaks to a new generation beyond borders or creed, We Urban is a community before it is a brand. Dialogue, innovation and genuine connection are at the heart of this project. Together with the fiercely supportive community at its core, We Urban is a performance and streetwear brand that started as a small operation in Nigeria with a global outlook, making timeless clothing not concerned with trends or rules or borders. 

Founded in 2017 by Bassey and Dami, friends who both share an enthusiasm for sports and bringing people together in celebration. Bassey is a designer, obsessed with fabric and detail. Starting of in design and architecture, he then moved into designing outerwear as a way to merge his passion for design and functional detail with a love for sports performance and the beauty of sports storytelling. Alongside his best friend Dami, they sought to fuse heritage sports fashion with elevated style.  We Urban is a sport fashion and streetwear label that pays homage to sports culture, and interprets favorite sport apparel staples with modern design touches.  


Why Sport?

We believe in the power of sport for wider social outcomes. Sport is energetic, inclusive and enjoyable, but We Urban's goal isn’t just about having fun. Sport teaches key skills such as teamwork, understanding and self-discipline, brings people together, creates pride in a community, breaks down social boundaries, and inspires people to make a difference in their own lives and for others. Through sport, We Urban can empower young people to kick-start a cycle of positive change that echoes throughout their entire community.

Our mission: provide the inspiration, apparel, equipment and platforms for the world to play together.